portrait of E seated in front of art and house plants

E Henderson

Art Director + Graphic Designer + Illustrator

E is a Greensboro North Carolina-based Art Director with 20 years of experience graphic design for print and web. They work with non-profits, co-ops, community organizations, and small businesses to craft visual communication that is a pleasure to experience. Each project they work on receives a refreshing blend of creativity, precision and common sense.

E creates high quality, thoughtful work across a variety of media and subject matter. Let’s talk about how E can help you visually communicate and connect with your audience.

E has produced projects for

ACLU of Alabama, Build From the Heart, Elsewhere Museum, Freedom Lifted, Guilford for All, Cecile Crawford for Greensboro City Council, Interrupting Criminalization, Migrant Roots Media, National Housing Trust, Press On Media, Orange County Rape Crisis Center, Slow Holler, Southerners on New Ground, Take Action Minnesota, Young Writer’s Project, and others